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Customer Drive

We always go to the extra mile. We find new ways, always linked to real customer needs and business priorities. After all, without customer trust and satisfaction, the rest doesn’t matter.

Commercial Edge

We make our numbers and deliver consistently over time. We balance short and long-term results and carefully evaluate risks and rewards. Making money creates the resources for going forward and expands the strategic options for continuing success.

Healthier Safer Environmental (HSE) – Mindset

All accidents can be prevented. We strive continuously for zero accidents to personnel, material and non-material assets. We focus on employee health and on continuously improving the work environment. We conduct our operations through efficient use of resources, with minimum waste and damage to the environment. We design services to have no undue environmental impact, to be safe and to be efficient in consuming energy and natural resources.

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Hands-On Execution

We are solution-oriented and get the job done. Once decisions are taken, we combine all our efforts and focus all our energies on execution. We focus on the right details at the right time and are precise and predictable. We follow through and ensure accountability. We stimulate entrepreneurship and challenge bureaucracy, mediocrity, complicated hierarchies and a “silo” mentality. We deliver on promises.

Openness and Honesty

We listen hard and talk straight.  No sugar coating, no filters. Trust is impossible without early, accurate and reliable communication. We strive for “brutal” openness and honesty.  All of us know where we stand, face reality and act on it. We are open to ideas from everyone, everywhere. We strive for the highest standards of ethical behavior and integrity.

Developing People

We continuously expand our people’s capabilities through challenging tasks, coaching and training. We respect and encourage diversity and build teams. We reward performance — what you achieve — and alignment with our values — how you behave. We strive to be the preferred employer in our industry.

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