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  • 90% of the Time of Air cargo transportation is spent on ground.
  • Maximum pilferage & damage to air cargo takes place in the warehouse awaiting departure or delivery.
  • Storage and Palletisation of air cargo is a defined subject and algorithms can be used.
  • Most cargo operators in India do not have dedicated space on any airlines at all.
  • Bulk of these cargo operators operate at the mercy of console agents.
  • Airline space is both perishable and costly.
  • Cargo wrongly stored or warehouse system not properly set-up and managed leads to damages to cargo and resultant higher handling/ distribution costs.
  • Air Cargo is usually sensitive to handling, specialized items like:-
    • DGR.
    • Perishables.
    • Valuables.
    • Pharma.
    • Vulnerable shipments require specialized handling.
  • An e2e supply chain is a pre-requisite for efficient and cost effective air cargo operations.
  • Security concerns have increased the number of handlings and average time of cargo on ground.

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